Quick Start

This tutorial will access to https://covergates.com. If you are using self-hosted version, please replace https://covergates.com/ to your self-hosted server URL.

Fundamental Workflow

  1. Sign up Covergates with your GitHub or Gitea account.

  2. Navigate https://covergates.com/repo to the list of your repositories.

  3. Click ACTIVATE button to activate the repository for uploading coverage reports.

  4. Go to SETTING tag, you can update report path filter and get your Report ID

  5. Run testing for your language and generate coverage report. You can refer to Supported Language for more detail.

  6. Download the latest released covergates command line tool for your platform. Once downloaded, the binary can run directly. You could put it to somewhere in your PATH.

  7. Upload your report by running covergates upload, for example:

        covergates upload --report <Report ID> --type go ./coverage.out

    or for self-hosted server

        export REPORT_ID="Report ID"
        export API_URL="http://your.domain.name/api/v1"
        covergates upload --type go ./coverage.out
  8. Congratulation! Now you can navigate your repository page to see your report!