Config GitLab

Create OAuth Application

covergates-server uses OAuth2 to control user access. To create an OAuth2 application on GitLab, navigate http://your.gitlab.domain/profile/applications on your GitLab website.

Create a new application as shown below:


Notice that covergates requires below scopes:

  • api
  • read_user
  • read_api
  • read_repository
  • profile
  • email

You should get your Client ID and Client Secret like:


Update Environment

Once you create an OAuth application on GitLab, you could use below environment variables to tell covergates-server to use it.

export GATES_GITLAB_CLIENT_ID="68e4d83d0093dcb0e862eb9b4dbdfbb7b2e993e9f0259a66017f18995d0cdaf7",
export GATES_GITLAB_CLIENT_SECRET="ed989a0a94ecb7c0520f764f78ff3ff751bab198ddfebdb39f9bdf2b9aa958f7",
export GATES_GITLAB_SERVER="http://localhost",

Restart your covergates-server to apply to new setting.